“Bodybuilding is all about tricks and not shortcuts.” : Pratish

Pratish is an International Webmaster currently working as the CEO an IT Company and is living in Kerala, India. He is a passionate bodybuilder having over 14 years of experience in GYM & more than 27 years of experience in bodybuilding. He is a self-proclaimed nutritionalist, healthcare expert & a hardcore gym trainer whose aim is to mould next generation unbeatable super-human athletes.

Through his unbeatable knowledge and experience that he gained from Research Papers, National Library of Medicines, IFFB Pro Bodybuilders, Indian National Level Athlete Coaches, Local Gym Trainers, Real life Experiences, Learning Science behind it, He has gained popularity and trust among athletes. He also travel to meet passionate bodybuilder and discuss his know Pratish has proven that he can beat any challenge through his unbelievable knowledge.

He is also giving coaching/guidance to bodybuilders and athletes both online and offline.

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